You Can Heal Yourself: A Guide to Physical & Emotional Healing After Injury or Illness (Harvard University Press)

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What can I do to help my own recovery?
How can I heal faster, better and stronger?
Are there ways that I can supplement my doctor’s treatment?
How can I keep my spirits up during my recovery?
Can I reduce pain and stress using mind-body-medicine?

Learn the most effective, up-to-date methods for taking charge of your recovery—physically and emotionally—with


This unique self-care guide includes:

• Self-assessments and strategy plans to help you evaluate your condition and progress your recovery
• Step-by-step guidelines and activity logs for pacing yourself while healing and staying on track
• Healing from the inside-out: How to focus your mental energy to help relieve pain and stress
• Healing from the outside-in: How diet, exercise, and sleep can promote better overall health
• Signs and symptoms charts you can use to prevent physical and emotional setbacks—so you can heal yourself and feel your best!