I am part of a cancer survivors’ ministry.   In my many years of ministering I find that there are five things that can hinder one’s health and wholeness.  They are:  (1) Stress; (2) Unhealthy eating habits; (3) Doubt and Unbelief; (4) Surrounding one’s self with folks who mean well but are negative; and, (5) Having no faith.

Prior to my diagnosis with breast cancer I had been under tremendous stress.  I lost my best friend, my son, and my mother in the same year.  Look in the mirror daily and tell yourself, “I am healed”!   I have been cancer free for nearly twenty years and am doing the work that God has called me to do.   Know this — You are the healed!

Marguerite, deacon
Diagnosis of breast cancer at age 60 in 1993 in Cheltenham, Maryland
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